Children’s Mental Health Week

On Monday 1st February we began our Children’s Mental Health Week. We kicked off with a tutorial lesson around children and young people’s mental health, it gave the students the opportunity to develop their knowledge about mental health, to discuss the topic openly and complete group discussion activities. The students showed awareness and sensitivity to the topic and were compelled by some of the facts.

The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week was ‘Express Yourself’ so students were tasked to create their own emoji cards that they felt accurately represented themselves. It was a fantastic opportunity to encourage students to engage in some self -reflection, encourage them to be accepting of people’s differences and embrace themselves.

On the final day of the week we participated in ‘Dress to Express’ which was a huge success. The students and staff used their choice of outfit to share a little part of themselves and it was lovely to see students have the confidence and feel safe enough to express their true self. Students respected each other’s choices and showed a great deal of acceptance and understanding to each other.

By Stephanie Wilde