About Us

Our aim is provide a balanced and bespoke curriculum which will enable students the room to grow and develop into confident, creative and become well-rounded members of the community.

We achieve this through promoting Emotional Literacy and SMSC, as well as raising the awareness and understanding of the environment and the world. Students are specifically supported to develop their skills in literacy and numeracy in line with National Curriculum expectation while they build upon their ability to communicate and self-esteem.

Specialist staff work with students to develop positive working relationships and to provide a cohesive, nurturing environment within which every individual can thrive.  Our students will learn to celebrate success as well as having the skills to adapt to change and learn from mistakes. Hillcrest Shifnal School is a place where everybody is somebody and everyone works hard to achieve this aim.

Hillcrest Shifnal School Governance

The governing body of Hillcrest Shifnal School is committed and confident in achieving a balance of diversity in skills and experience to work together effectively as a team, with a structure to reinforce the roles and responsibilities of its members and to continue to provide good quality education with fresh and exciting ideas.  All the governors are trained and will be required to attend three governors meetings and one annual review per year.

The aim is to provide a strategic management, supporting the head teacher and other staff members, to ensure accountability to drive the financial performance and standards up while assuring that Shifnal School is managed with a strong moral principle and integrity.

You can contact the board via the school on 01952 468 220.